About Danny

As a top real estate agent for more than a decade, Danny Deng (MBA) originally grew up in China and moved to Vancouver along with many other wealthy investors immigrates who followed him around 20 years ago. Danny is honest, royalty, and reliable to all his clients. His professionalism, experience, judgment, and expert knowledge of the Vancouver real estate market, enables him to meet every client’s needs and desires.

During the past decade, Danny had sold many luxury properties, development lands, and high-end commercial properties in Vancouver Westside, he was rewarded by many achievements including MLS Medallion Club winner of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver since 2008-2020. The notable sales including the top value dollar house sales and in 2011, Danny was the first realtor who successfully sold development land assembly with top-dollar value, namely as the most expensive sales in Vancouver Westside.

After countless high-end properties were sold successfully, the sellers gave three biggest reasons for choosing Danny as their listing realtor :

***He specializes and concentrates in the Vancouver Westside, roots in the Westside, lives in the Westside, understands and familiarizes with every detail of the Westside, optimizes all the advantages for his listing properties, excellent services, fluent in English, Chinese(Mandarin and Cantonese), Professional performance, good communication, and superb negotiation skills;

*** He has a lot of qualified buyers including wealthy immigrants, investors, developers, builders, offshore, and relocate buyers, he also has offices in mainland China to promote all his listings to attract many potential buyers, with a strong connection with wealthy buyers.

After decades of real estate sales, he has owned lots of local buyers and accumulated a large number of purchaser’s databases through his high-end property sales experience. Also, he has formed the strongest sales network - spent the largest amount to advertise his listings on most major advertising of real estate sales channels including Mingpao newspaper, Singtao Newspaper, Canadian City Post, Real Estate Weekly, and many other Chinese media, to maximum attract the most buyers to focus and buy his listing properties.

***He is full of enthusiasm and motivation, hardworking, high efficiency, and able to withstand high-intensity sales pressure. He is born to like real estate and very talented at his work, this makes all his clients and cooperate fellow realtors feel very comfortable and enjoy working with him to get all deals done. His goal is always to place clients first and sell their properties at the highest price and sooner.

作為一名在中國国内成長,隨後又赴美國留學攻讀MBA並成功創業的資深地產經紀,鄧躍(DANNY DENG)給人的印象是誠實、穩重、踏實、幹練,不僅知識淵博,口才出色,還對房地產有很多獨到的研究和見解,凭着近20年的成功销售经验、庞大的销售网络、准确的专业判断、高超的谈判技巧以及勤奋努力,在高端物业销售领域年复一年始终保持在前列,自2010年至2020年在温哥华西区销售豪宅、发展建地及高端商业物业综合排名第一



*** 他最专业专注专心 - 专精西区,扎根西区,住在西区,了解和熟悉西区每一个细节,为代理物业优化精选所有优点,扬长避短,跟进服务,流利国、粤、英语,专业口才,善沟通及高超谈判技巧;
*** 他有广泛的人缘优势 - 经过近20年的房地产销售,积累了大量的人脉和丰富的销售经验,工作热情干劲十足,勤奋干练,销售效率高,能承受高强度的销售压力,所代理的楼盘在最短的时间内售出最高的价格;
*** 他有最强销售网络 - 在所有专业销售渠道投放最大广告量,包装宣传不计成本,为代理楼盘赢得最多的买家效应。