Hello Danny

Thank you for a job well done ,You live up to and beyond my expectation. No wonder you are the number one agent in Shaughnessy.

Mr/Mrs Mak-Onwers of 1519 W 34th Ave

你好DANNY, 谢谢你为我们的房子卖出高价,甚至超过我们的预期。 你是名副其实的桑拿斯区排名第一的豪宅销售专家。
1519 西34街 屋主 马先生及太太


Thank you very much for your hard work. You are the best sales man, best realtor.

Bill Liu -- Owner of 1810 W 61st Ave

DANNY好! 谢谢你的努力,成功售出我的房产,你是最棒的销售高手、最好的经纪。

1810 西61街屋主  刘标 

Hi Danny,
Thank you very much for all your help in selling our house. Glad it’s sold! We really appreciate it!
Esther & Terence -Owners of 1433 W 54th Ave

你好 DANNY, 非常感谢你为我们成功售出房子,很高兴售出了,真心感谢。

1433 西 54街 屋主 ESTER 和 TERENCE

Good evening Danny,

Thank you very much for all your effort.

Really appreciate that. Thanks again.


Dragan & Branka-Owner of 3574 W 14th Ave

晚上好!DANNY, 谢谢你所有的努力,成功售出我们的房子,感激你付出的一切,再次感谢。
3574 西14街 屋主 DRAGAN 和 BRANKA


We certainly appreciate your conscientiousness and hard work!  Thank you.

I will sign off on the subject removal and e-mail back later when I have scanner access.  Once again, thank you so much for bringing our sale so quickly to fruition.

Kind regards,
Jody&Harvey owner of 8089 Laburum St


8089 laburum 屋主 JODY 和 HARVEY

Hi Danny,

Thank you very much for your continued efforts and commitment to selling our home for the best price. Your expertise and vast knowledge of Vancouver's unique real estate market have been invaluable to us.

You're a rockstar!! Thanks again Danny. I could not have asked for a better Christmas present.

Thank you for working so hard to make this happen smoothly during such a busy time of year. We are so happy we chose you to as our real estate agent and will recommend you and your team to anyone looking to buy or sell for the best price and the least headache.

All the best to you and your family this holiday season from our home to yours.

Danelle & Scott Owners of 4238 Cypress St

你好 DANNY, 



Good Morning Danny:

Thank you again for the excellent work selling our home! We would not hesitate recommending you to our friends.
Regarding our next home, we are looking for a duplex or a penthouse in a small condo complex. 

Please let me know if you need more information to help with the search.

Regards, Annie and Joe--Owners of 3358 W 33rd Ave

早上好 DANNY:


3358 西 33街 屋主 ANNIE 和 JOE

Wow. We cannot know how to say thank you enough Danny. You do amazing work! I am very happy I listened to Jeff (just this one time:)....) to let go of our other realtors and hire you. Sometimes the husband is right:)) Again we sincerely thank you for your hard work which is very sincere and genuine. Brilliant work!!

Thank you Danny. Jeff wants me to pass along the message " thank you Danny you are the best"


Eva - Owner of 4020 W 17th Ave

哇,我们不知如何说感谢你,DANNY. 你售房做得很出色!我很高兴这次听从了我先生JEFF 的话,辞去我们之前用的经纪而改聘用你来售房,有时先生是对的!再次由衷感谢你的辛勤努力工作,真的很棒!

4020 西 17街 屋主 EVA

Good Evening 
I am more than pleased to recommend Mr Deng as a competent real estate professional
As I suspect you already know his academic credentials as well as his past accomplishments
As a realtor, he places “you” as his priority
He did a magnificent job for us in a very short time period
It is a pleasure to recommend Danny for your real estate agent
We are not related. This is not a prepaid commercial. He was recommended to me from a friend and I am more than pleased to do the same
I can almost guarantee the results

Fred - Owner of 1126 Wolfe Ave

推荐DANNY 给你是我的荣幸
我和DANNY 之间不是亲戚和朋友关系,这个也不是付费广告,我是通过朋友推荐他给我的,我用同样的方式推荐给你

1126 Wolf Ave 屋主 FRED 

Hi there - I was hoping I could get a quick note of feedback from you as we are considering using Danny Deng as our agent for a single family west side home sale. What was your general impression of his services?

Here is the previous sellers reply my questions:

- Was he responsive and ever difficult to get a hold of?  -- Danny is very responsive and always places his clients first. 
- Did he follow through on his promises? -- Yes, Danny did excellent job for us 
- Did he sell the property in a reasonable time frame? -- Yes, He sold our houses in a short time
- Did he sell the property at a price close to, at or above what he said he should be able to sell it for? - Yes, Danny sold our houses with very good price and over our expectation.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your time.

Mr Bai - Owner of 7088 Arbutus St

各位好 - 我想麻烦你们给我一下反馈意见,因为我正打算聘请DANNY DENG 邓躍来销售我西区的独立屋,请问你们对他的服务有什么总的感觉。 下面是DANNY 以前的卖家对我所提问题的回答:

- 他做事回复快并且容易找到他吗? -- 答:DANNY 回复快并且总是将客户放在第一位
- 他信守诺言吗? -- 答:是的,DANNY 做的很出色
- 他在放盘的时间内售出你们的房子吗? -- 答:是的,他很快就售出了我们的房产
- 他售出的价格接近叫价或他说可以卖到的价格吗? -- 答: 是的,DANNY 售出我们的房子的价格超出我们的预期


7088 ARBUTUS 街 屋主白先生


Thank you for your efforts in getting my house sold. Indeed you are a very knowledgeable,professional and reliable realty agent well deserving high recommendation to other sellers/buyers.


Owner of 108 W 43rd Ave

谢谢你的尽力,帮我们售出了房子。 你真的是一位经验丰富、专业和值得信赖的经纪,非常值得我们向其他的卖家买家推荐。

108 W 43rd Ave 屋主 曾太太 HELENA

Dear Danny,

Many thanks for your outstanding work.Both selling and buying completed in this owesome summer. We are still amazed that you made it happen so efficiently and we really appreciates all the effort you made.

Roger's Family

Owner of 4077 W 32nd Ave

DANNY好! 非常感谢你的出色工作。 在这个美好的夏天帮我们完成了既买房又卖房的换房任务,我们对你能做到如此高效率的运作感到高兴和惊奇,真的谢谢你付出的所有努力。

4077 西 32街屋主 ROGER 一家人

Well done,Danny. Thanks for all your hard work. We are very pleased with your true professionalism.

Tony-owner of 1307 Nanton Ave


1307 NANTON 街 桑拿斯 屋主 TONY

Thank you,Danny,you're well prepared,professional,with a strategy carried out

with confidence and experience!

Ronnie-owner of 6886 Angus Dr

谢谢你,DANNY, 你售房做了充分的准备,非常专业并且谈判价格很有策略,非常又信心和经验丰富!

6886 ANGUS 街 屋主 叶先生


Thank you for your hard work,you did a great job!

Billy & Mary - owner of 4327 W 11th Ave



4327 西 11街 屋主 BILLY 和 MARY

Outstanding work,Danny!

Thank you!

Tim & Anna - owner of 6950 Yew St


6950 YEW ST 屋主 TIM 和 ANNA 


Thank you again for your outstanding work! What a coincidence! Sold for 2.18 on 2.18.

Mr/Mrs Liu-Home owner of 2398 W King Edward Ave


谢谢你售出我们家的房子!做得太好了! 多巧啊,卖出2.18 百万 房号是2.18

2398 西 KING EDWARD 屋主 刘先生、刘太太

Good afternoon, Danny

Deal is done!
Funds in the bank!

On behalf of the family, thank you for doing a magnificent job.

Was indeed and honor and pleasure having you on our side.

We are still amazed at how quickly you made it happen,

Please feel free to have your clients call or email at any time should they require a reference.



Fred-Owner of 1126 Wolfe Ave,Shaughnessy


1126 WOLFE 街 桑拿斯 屋主 FRED 


The family and I are still very excited about your amazing sucess for sold our house. We are all very appreciative. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!


Owner of 4612 Angus Dr , Shaughnessy



4612 Angus Dr 桑拿斯 屋主 JERRY 

Danny,you did a great job. I'm really glad we picked you as our agent.

Anna & Henry Home Owner - 4252 Doncaster Way

DANNY, 你做的很出色,我们很高兴选择了你做我们的代理经纪。

4252 Doncaster Way 屋主 ANNA 和 HENRY

Hi Danny,

We are very happy that our house is now sold and the transaction completed. Many thanks for your hard work with the sale. We know it was a tough time for the real estate market and we really appreciated all the effort that you put in it.

Sophie&Bertrand Home Owner-1536 W 63rd Ave


1536 西63 街 屋主 SOPHIE 和 BERTRAND

Great work Danny, thanks so much for your help on this, lets do some more business.

Jonathan Homeowner, builder - 4663 W 12th Ave

卖得好价,DANNY, 非常感谢你的帮忙,让我们合作更多次

4663 西 12 街 建商屋主  JONATHAN 

Dear Danny,

Thank you for our house sold by you in this slow market, we really appreciate it.

Thanks again for your hard work!

Debbie Johal&Sanjay--Homeowner of 2149 SW Marine Dr


2149 SW Marine Dr 新建豪宅屋主 DEBBIE JOHAL 和 SANJAY 

Dear Danny,

Working with you was a wonderful experience. The services provided by you and your team were outstanding. You were both professional and reliable in all interactions and transactions with myself, potential buyers and their agents. Your confidence and drive in a slowing market, lead to the effective marketing and sale of my house. I wholeheartedly recommend you to any sellers who are looking for a realtor.

Sam - Home owner 2015 W57th Ave


2015 西57街 屋主 SAM 


Under this slow market condition, you have done a great job, thanks and thanks again. Hope to do business with you again in the near future.

Billy-Home Owner-3232 W 36th Ave


3232 西36街屋主 王先生 BILLY 


My wife and I want to thank you for your hard work and super skills of negotiation dealing with the buyers, at the end we all got the best deal we can get, no wonder you are the top real estate agent in Vancouver, your work are very impressive.We also wish you become the King of the realtor on Cambie Corridor, because you got it a very good start here. There are hundreds houses will be selling in the near future from King Edward to Fraser River on this beautiful boulevard .

Let’s keeping in touch, looking forward future working with you again.

Ted and Peggy-4991 Cambie St

4991 CAMBIE 街 屋主  王先生及太太 TED 和 PEGGY 


On behalf of all homeowners, please accept our sincere appreciation of your excellent effort. It was a tremendous success.

Imu-Owner of 5109 Cambie St (For Land Assembly of 4949-5109 Cambie St) 

5109 CAMBIE ST 屋主 陈先生 

Dear Danny,

Thank you for the excellent work you did in advertising our properties, finding us qualified buyers, and educating the investor buyers on the potential of the Cambie corridor; so that we were able to achieve our goal price. We sincerely appreciate your remarkable negotiating skills. We will not hesitate to recommend you as an agent to our associates and friends.

Cathleen and Thom-4949 Cambie St

We wish to express our sincere thanks to you for your professional approach and expedient result in the sale of our property.

It was a pleasure to meet you in person. Danny, you succeeded where all other agents failed...and you achieved a greater outcome than expected.

We both look forward in doing repeated business with you.
Mr./Mrs. Mataks-Owner-1472 W. 40th Ave

Dear Danny,

We would like to express our gratitude to you for the efforts you made in helping us to purchase our new house and to sell our house on 2408 McBain Avenue recently. During the past month you have demonstrated professionalism, efficiency and a profound knowledge of the real estate market.

You always kept your customer's best interest in mind. We were particularly impressed by your willingness to go that extra mile to help us especially in critical moments. In appreciation of your help, we will highly recommend you to whoever we know that has the intention of selling their house.
Mr/Mrs Ma - Home owner - 2408 McBain Ave

Dear Other Home Owners,

I'm writing this letter to let you know that we really appreciate Danny Deng's hard work on selling our property. He is indeed a very good Realtor. He is outstanding, enthusiastic, responsible and has a good marketing strategy. I'm glad that I chose the right Realtor, because I received the results I expected.

Danny developed a detailed and thorough sales strategy from hiring the best photographers, surveyors, and really showing our property well. Danny was willing to invest time, energy and capital; and is very knowledgeable of the real estate market.

We feel very lucky to have chosen Danny to sell our home. We have recommended him to our family and friends.
Thank you
Jenny & Jonathan - Home Owners - 1088 W. 49th Ave

Hi Danny Deng,

“I just wanted to tell you that working with you has been such a pleasure. You are a very hard worker and truly a honest individual. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”

Thanks for everything,
Bob - Builder,Home Owner - 2483 W. 19th Ave
PRBH Development Ltd

2483 西19街 建商 屋主 BOB 

Thank you, Danny - I appreciate that. “Betty and I appreciate your hard work in selling our house so quickly and will happily recommend you to any of our friends who want to sell their house.”

Regards, Neil - Home Owner -
6991 Cypress St.

谢谢你,DANNY, 我和太太都衷心感谢你的努力工作帮我们很快就售出了房子,我们很高兴地向所有打算卖房的朋友们推荐你给他们。